Where life
never gets old

THE EMBASSIES offers a global, intergenerational hospitality concept that changes the way we perceive and experience getting older. Together we can make it the most exciting chapter in our lives.

– A Magazine

This summer, launch into 'The Ambassadors' magazine—an engaging read featuring the people behind THE EMBASSIES. Featuring Ilse Crawford, Tyler Brûlé, Chip Conley, David Stewart, and many more.

We believe that quality of life is ageless.
Our international network of residences brings together tenants, members and visitors to create a community of people with the good life in mind.

THE EMBASSIESWhere life never gets old.

Public area Residences Members club & wellness

Members club & wellness

Imagine bustling lounges and courtyard gardens that cultivate the coming together of like-minded people of all ages. A shared space to discuss the latest events, plan your next adventure, or read a newspaper while waiting to attend your next class.

The community at THE EMBASSIES is an incubator for ideas, wellness, growth, and a shared human experience with facilities that encourage social interaction and learning opportunities for residents and members.

Ambassadors club with rich cultural programming and other amenities


Whether locally or globally at home, we like to think of our residents as Ambassadors for the good life.

As a Global ambassador commuting between residences, you will appreciate familiar standards and amenities wherever you are due to reciprocity among locations.

Each location retains its own characteristics, reflecting the surrounding culture and community, yet springing from a common framework.

Individual premium apartments with on-demand services and amenities

Public area

Located at street level and curated to foster social interaction and kinship, this vibrant environment is open to all walks of life.

Visit the bakery for fresh-out-of-the-oven bread, buy a bouquet before strolling downtown to visit friends or get a recommendation from the bookseller around the corner.

Bespoke culinary offering, where guests are welcome and neighbors become friends

living an

No matter how old we are, we should never lower our expectations but set high standards for every stage of life. This could be a typical day at THE EMBASSIES .

People want to feel taken care of, not watched over.

image of Hella
Hella Resident Ambassador
8 am

Yoga & Fitness

Hella quickly makes herself a fresh orange juice in her kitchen, grabs a water bottle and a towel.

On the way to the second floor, she meets Marianna in the hallway: "Good morning, Hella! There's a spruce needle sauna infusion in the spa today". It sounds wonderful.

9:15 am


After training in Charlotte's yoga class, Hella showers in her flat. She then goes to the THE EMBASSIES bakery on the ground floor, now happily buzzing with people of all ages from both THE EMBASSIES and the greater neighbourhood.

She orders a fresh croissant and a cup of tea, then sits down on the terrace with the newspaper.

10 am

Out in the world

Oh, so late already. Hella has a shopping date with a friend who lives just a few blocks away.

THE EMBASSIES' central location in the city makes this kind of outing an absolute pleasure and maximises the time spent with friends and family.

4:30 pm

Book club

Back from shopping and lunch, Hella brings her bags to her room and plans to continue reading her book.

Next week is THE EMBASSIES book club again and Hella should really finish a few more pages so that she can join in the discussion.

6:00 pm

Artists talk

Cultural events are held regularly at THE EMBASSIES. Exciting international guests are always invited. Today, a curator from a museum will talk about the political ideology of artists. Hella is definitely not going to miss that!