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THE EMBASSIES offers a global, intergenerational hospitality concept that changes the way we perceive and experience getting older. Together we can make it the most exciting chapter in our lives.


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THE EMBASSIES has a comprehensive rollout plan for every city we go into, and we work hard to make sure every potential Ambassador feels right at home.


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THE EMBASSIES will begin hosting exclusive local dinners and events organized by our community manager with select waitlist members.

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THE EMBASSIES will host a conference in one of the opening cities of the year. The ticket is also a first-year membership!

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THE EMBASSIES will begin interviews for potential Ambassadors. The interviews will become beautiful editorialized profiles with professional photography.

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Resident Ambassadors will move into their new homes, and members and day guests are welcome to start exploring all the benefits of THE EMBASSIES.


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Let us know where you want the next THE EMBASSIES to be, and we’ll take your input into consideration when we’re looking for a new location.

Design That
Ilse Crawford

Ilse Crawford is a designer, teacher and creative director.

As founder of Studioilse, over two decades she has
pioneered humanistic design in its real life application to
environments, objects and experiences, by addressing
true human needs (not manufactured ones).


Thinking about cause and effect, and understanding the bigger systems that underpin everything.

This is design as a frame for life.

before image
Before After before image


Design that can help us be better humans by designing for positive mental and environmental impact.

THE EMBASSIES provides short stay studio accommodations for curious friends and family. Additional residents and members can enjoy short stay accommodations in any Embassies location, and experience the same attention to personal detail as their home locations.

THE EMBASSIES provides a holistic approach to wellness and health. Whether a day guest, a member, or a resident, visit our spa for a relaxing massage, time in the sauna, or a mindful yoga class. THE EMBASSIES also has 24/7 nursing staff to provide answers, direction and support to any physical health curiosities you may have.

Welcoming, informal reception space, connected to the living room spaces. The well-being area and treatment rooms are at the heart of the AMBASSADORS CLUB with plenty of relaxation areas planned.

The house kitchen sits between the dining Room and salon, to enable easy service to both rooms, the atelier neighbours the salon with media lounges tucked cozy away.

THE EMBASSIES understands urban living, and the allure of bustling cities, and beautiful concrete architecture but recognizes the inherent need of every human to be outdoors. THE EMBASSIES provides unique outdoor spaces from terraces, winter gardens, or roof tops depending on location to fulfill desire to be outside at any moment.

The Studio: Where culture comes to life. A lively, characterful room for active workshops. Members can enroll in a variety of expert-led classes and courses.

THE EMBASSIES is a culinary adventure in and of itself. The same attention to the finer details also applies to our coffees to our desserts, and all courses between. We additionally understand our members and residents like no other whether a vegetarian, vegan or other dietary requirements every dish is a masterpiece.

The neighbourhood restaurant occupies a prominent spot in THE EMBASSIES. The cafe, grocery shop, and pop-up shop are street facing and open to all walks of life.

as a Service

Together with award-winning Copenhagen-based design agency Hello Monday, THE EMBASSIES took a customer experience first approach to designing a host to ambassador fulfillment approach where screens and speakers are never in the way but available when desired.

Accessible & Intelligent

THE EMBASSIES provides a schedule of interesting wellness, cultural, and events to increase neural plasticity every day on all properties.

Ambassadors can get an overview and RSVP to these events quickly by simply asking any staff member, as our first-line UI is always human-to-human, or by visiting the JOIN section of the Ambassadors app.

THE EMBASSIES platform also provides a set of functionality with voice control via Siri. Including a listing of agenda items, ordering amenities, and in extreme cases asking for immediate assistance when your phone is out of reach.

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