Thank you for your interest in working for THE EMBASSIES, a brand seeking to change the way we talk about and experience ageing.

At THE EMBASSIES, we think of getting older as getting better at life. That’s why we’re looking for candidates with the open-mindedness to see people for who they are and help them live the life they deserve. By designing spaces to people’s discerning tastes and offering services that attend to the details that really matter, we’re going to build a brand together that’s as bold and ambitious as it is empathetic and caring.

To help us realise our vision for THE EMBASSIES we’re going to need the kinds of people who are ready to change the world, people with the spark that brings great ideas and the energy to actually make things happen. And what better way to gauge our expectations of potential employees than through our company’s four core values.


We’re not just selling something here, we’re inspiring a way of being. To work for THE EMBASSIES is to be part of an ever-expanding community of people with ever-expanding horizons, with everyone willing to learn from each other. THE EMBASSIES will always be the sum of its people, and that includes its employees.


We believe in everyone’s freedom to choose what happens next, move wherever, and live in the happiness of knowing their lives are valued and valuable. The people who work with us to deliver this message will be full of optimism for our shared future, and keen to share that positivity with others. A happy team will mean happy customers.


At THE EMBASSIES we make a point of addressing our customers the same way, regardless of their age. We’ll never talk down, only across. And we apply the same open attitude to our own company: whatever your role, if you have a good idea it’s going to be heard. And by the same logic when you hear a bad idea you’re encouraged to challenge it.


At THE EMBASSIES we want to know as much as possible about our audience because we’re a brand that’s built on learning from each other, right across the generations. When you start work with us it’s not going to be a bunch of people giving you tasks and leaving you to your own devices. It’s going to be an ongoing conversation between all of us about how we can best meet and even exceed the expectations of our customers.

    Founded in Switzerland and globally at home, THE EMBASSIES is a global serviced living concept for lifestyle driven grown-ups, and radically changes the narrative on ageing presenting a new way to grow old. The concept includes an international network of individually curated communities in the world’s greatest cities providing all amenities and services for its members, residents and guests.