We believe quality of life is ageless. Our international network of residences brings together tenants, members and visitors to create a community of people with the good life in mind.
THE EMBASSIES – Where life never gets old.

Our houses

Think of THE EMBASSIES not as a destination, but your next adventure in life.


To become part of THE EMBASSIES is to be an ambassador for the good life. We offer residences designed to your discerning tastes and service that’s all about the details. As a member of our community you can enjoy our standard of living wherever you are in the world, and no matter your age.


When you walk into one of our lively lounges or courtyard gardens, you’re going to see people of all ages catching up, sharing stories, and planning next adventures. This isn’t somewhere you’ve just ended up, this is where it all begins. From events that really get you thinking to wellness programmes that realign body and spirit.


Welcome to that place where passers-by become regulars and your neighbours become friends. Here’s the café with the perfect window to watch the world. Here’s the bakery with bread so good it tastes like home. And here’s to walking out into the neighbourhood to see what happens.

Our values


We believe in a lifelong quest for learning and ever-expanding horizons.

Our values


We all want to make the very best of our lives, no matter our age.

Our values


We bring that sense of possibility, of being part of something bigger.

Our values


We attend to those details we know you care about.

Founded in Switzerland and globally at home, THE EMBASSIES is a global serviced living concept for lifestyle driven grown-ups, and radically changes the narrative on ageing presenting a new way to grow old. The concept includes an international network of individually curated communities in the world’s greatest cities providing all amenities and services for its members, residents and guests.